Metodo Feldenkrais Torino

With Paolo Mosso

Metodo Feldenkrais Torino

Con Paolo Mosso

“Making the impossible possible, the possible easy, the easy elegant.”

Moshe Feldenkrais

The Feldenkrais Method uses specific and effective learning strategies to access a person’s potential and bring it to the surface, thereby enhancing well-being and improving functionality.

Why rely on the Feldenkrais Method

Metodo Feldenkrais per chi soffre di dolori cronici e mal di schiena

Chronic pain

The method’s action has a wide range of applications: it can reveal and change habitual behaviours responsible for conditions of tension and pain; thus facilitating and enabling improvement in situations of discomfort or restricted movement.

Metodo Feldenkrais e prevenzione


In accordance with neuroscience research, the Method works by reorganising our movements and consequently the actions we perform in daily life in a more functional way, resulting in greater general well-being. The quality of life changes tangibly as we experience greater physical and mental efficiency, vitality, flexibility, creativity.

Metodo Feldenkrais e postura

Postural improvement

The Feldenkrais Method proposes targeted work on posture and skeletal alignment. It is not a corrective approach, but a path that aims at a reorganisation of the musculoskeletal system.
This type of work is therefore tailored on the person and does not follow a specific protocol.

Customised courses for any need

Metodo Feldenkrais nello sport

For sportspeople

Professionals in the field of sport have to deal with countless problems including short recovery times between competitions, injuries and physical stress.
Find out how the Feldenkrais Method works in these cases.

Metodo Feldenkrais per musica, danza e teatro

For musicians, actors and dancers

Those who use their bodies for work know better than anyone how crucial it is to learn to distinguish small differences in movement and how a better perception of one’s musculoskeletal functioning is the key to refining one’s way of working and living.

Metodo Feldenkrais e traumi fisici

For trauma recovery

Sometimes a physical trauma, if not properly recovered from, can leave a mark that is difficult to overcome.
A functional approach that places the nervous system at the centre, coupled with a standard medical course, can yield great results. 



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