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Grade 2 Ankle Sprain

Several weeks ago, during a game of five-a-side soccer, I suffered a bad sprain to my left ankle.

I received a tread on the medial malleolus and felt my ankle open outwards: the lateral (outer) malleolus rested against the floor and immediately afterwards the ankle seemingly reassembled.
It was a sensation of total opening and subsequent closure. I felt that something had happened ‘that shouldn’t have happened‘ but at the same time that everything, or almost everything, was back in place.

After making sure there was nothing serious, for the first week I simply dabbed at the pain and swelling as best I could. The worst time of the day was immediately after waking up, when I felt a sharp pain for an hour or so.
Some friends asked me if I could do anything with the Feldenkrais Method to help. I replied that as long as my ankle was swollen and inflamed, it was a bit too early to intervene, and that I would think about it later, when I would have to re-educate some movements and regain comfort and confidence.